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Whoop Whoop its friday! Thought this was a bit fitting considering I've been a bit mental lately

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Bitch you don't seem to understand.I could really care what you think of me!

“Just remind yourself.”

It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.

this is somewhat how I explained to my son his ex's feeling for him.

"I don't exactly hate you but if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it." <--- Haha, I hate saying this but sometimes I feel this way towards some people!

Swearing is FUN! Lol, WARNING offensive memes...

wtf: " fuck that shit" is a perfectly acceptable replacement for the word "no"


How to Practice Radical Honesty. You have probably told many little lies and half-truths throughout your life. Radical honesty is the practice of minimizing the lies you tell. The "radical honesty" movement was founded by a.