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Got A Little Bigger

This St Bernard owner would be in trouble if his dog decided it was time for a s.

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Favorite Things- Big dogs that think they are lap dogs! My dog totally thinks he's one.he's not a St. Bernard but he's not exactly a lap dog.

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* * " Whens an imaginatives human getz into mental troubles, de line betweens seein' ands believin' haz a ways of disappearin'." Check This Out Doggies need this stuff!

This pup needs to sing the thunder song!

Have you hugged your Bulldog today? I swear every bulldog loves to be held this way!

Big Dogs Give Good Hugs

Square-Headed Dogs Can Hear Subsonic Sounds Better Than Dogs with Narrow Heads - 20 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know about Dogs


Do Saint Bernards Shed? Yes, Saint Bernards shed. It is said that the Saint Bernards shed enough to make a wool blanket out of them!