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to be or not to be?

Love it. You are beautiful from the inside out, who needs mirrors to tell you that? A wonderful substitute for a mirror in a bathroom, quirky and funny interior decoration.

I don't jump over puddles. I leap over them, pointed toes and all!

A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1960 if only there were still chivalry like this.

What would you choose?

its funny to me how the tattoo on Tobias' back the amity symbol is at the bottom, and he always had a hard time with amity.

1001133_552502161474696_1595174615_n | by Art øf Changes

I Am Fabulous - Grandma Rides a Skateboard ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

Divergent Four tattoo

From the movie divergent Four's Tattoo of the factions: bravery, selflessness, honesty, intelligence, and peacefulness. I would love to have a tattoo like that on my back because I am a divergent.

Das ist ja geil. Eine Firma mit Humor . . . wo gibts das denn?

Uni Mainz: Der Techniker ist informiert. Mittlerweile wurde die Tür repariert.

Das ist ja geil. Eine Firma mit Humor . . . wo gibts das denn?

10 ideas más para tu tablero Libros, música y cine - - Gmail

Again, the Hunger Games and Divergent. I'm not sure about the Divergent pictures (because I know nothing about Divergent), but I know the Hunger Games pictures go really well with those lyrics.

"Turn it off like a light switch" Book of Mormon

Turn your feelings.ON A lot of people say I don't want to catch feelings. So they try to shut off their emotions. But I feel like life is about feeling, experiencing the good and the bad. It's good to feel, feeling makes us human!

visual-poetry:    “nothing lasts forever” by anatol knotek  have a look at more of my text-objects and installation art here:

Nothing Lasts Forever. Clever Wall Installation: by Austrain artist and visual poet, Anatol Knotek


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I feel bad for the people who never go crazy. - One of my favourite qoutes of all time!


Black Bear Pass, Colorado a notorious jeep trail that starts from summit of Red Mountain Pass on U. Highway 550 to Telluride, Colorado Yikes I went over Black Bear when I was young and foolish.