Should be able to work that into a button band Tap link now to find the products you deserve. We believe hugely that everyone should aspire to look their best.

how to create a braid in crochet! - this is so simple

How to Create a Fancy Braid in Simple Crochet - no pattern, just this photo. Same principle as the Jacob's Ladder pattern.

foulards au crochet (9)

winter fashion -express shipping-new rapunzel scarf-ready for shipping-fall fashion--for gift

Rosebud - DROPS Mütze und Kragen mit Zopf in ”Eskimo”. - Gratis oppskrift by DROPS Design

b - Rosebud Neck warmer pattern by DROPS design on Ravelry. An interesting way t keep your neck warm OVER a sweater or jacket.

Man nehme: 1 Knäuel Sockenwolle, das in irgendeiner Art Ringel produziert (oder auch andere Wolle) 1 Rundstricknadel entsprechender Größe Eine Masche anschlagen, daraus 2 herausstricken, wenden und…

Knitting a diagonal scarf / Pattern only in…Great for Christmastime!

Cabled headband - our top 8 free quick-knit projects for the bank holiday - find them all on the LK blog!

These cable knit headbands are my latest addiction. I have first seen them in a book and knitted one for myself. Then forgot all about it an.