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The Beastie Boys, best jewish boys EVER, to rock the stage


El Punk, la 'anarquía' del cuero de moda

zombiesenelghetto: “ Blondie: Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and roadie Mike Sticca performing at Punk Magazine’s Benefit Concert, photo Godlis, CBGBs, NYC 1977 ”


Las 23 mejores portadas de discos de la historia del rock

Blondie - Blondie - album cover The second album I bought (the first was Kate Bush's Lion Heart) when I was eleven

El nombre de la banda Led Zeppelin surgió a raíz de un mal chiste de Keith Moon (baterista de la banda The Who) que dijo que la banda fracasaría como un zeppelin de plomo.

This is a lens write up for the rock band Led Zeppelin. the information on the group will be of breverance and to the point and there will be interesting information I post on this wall. I will be planning to build another squidoo for Led Zeppelin.

Debbie Harry and Billy Idol

Debbie Harry and David Bowie. Joan Jett, Debbie, David Johansen and Joey Ramone. Debbie and Joey Ramone. Debbie and Joey Ramone (again).

Joey Ramone#cat

“To me, John Lennon and Elvis Presley were punks, because they made music that evoked those emotions in people. And as long as people are making music that does that, punk rock is alive and well” — Joey Ramone

De 15 a 18 horas sonando DÉJALO SER RADIO Programa en vivo de clásicos del rock con la conducción de Julio Cesar / The Rolling Stones - Doesn't get better

The Rolling Stones were the number two band in the and at number one was The Beatles.(Not sure if I agree with that.

The Runaways

Chicks with picks ● Music from the - -The Runaways was a all girl punk rock band formed in the late -Their hits include Cherry Bomb and Queens Of Noise. - notice Joan Jett with the Les Paul.

blondie x

Height of Vintage: Fashion Icon Friday - Debbie Harry aka Blondie

ZZ Top. (One of my favorite classic rock bands, especially when it comes to the guitar solos.) :)

zz top

As long as Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill keep growing those beards and making new music, Texas rock will never die. ZZ Top is finally readying their first