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MAFEX BvS Batman Action Figure

Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Ben Affleck PVC Action Figure Collection Toy

Bullet Points Spider-Man (Marvel Legends) Custom Action Figure

Bullet Points Spider-Man custom action figure from the Marvel Legends series created by

This makes me want to ride a motorcycle.  #Batman

Bat helmet…

Funny pictures about Bat helmet. Oh, and cool pics about Bat helmet. Also, Bat helmet.

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern - Justice League War

The fact that Batman doesn't have powers makes him that much more hardcore. This scene from the just alright Justice League: War movie perfectly portrays this about him. And it might be a bit out of character maybe, but I love that smile at the end

Bats is the completed pack

f(badass) = Sherlock Holmes + Zorro + Dracula = Batman

1957 and 60 were not the best years for batman... Brightest, yes... Poor batman

INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of the Batsuit

The Evolution of the Batsuit (Photo) What we have here is pretty damn cool. An impressive assemblage of all the iterations of the bat suit spanning Some I’ll admit I had no idea even.

Why so happy meal

Funny pictures about Why so Happy Meal? Oh, and cool pics about Why so Happy Meal? Also, Why so Happy Meal?