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spesielt: Roboter

N. Smolyak, Moscow, 1961.

Yuri Gagarin – The First Man in Space; April 12, 1961.

We'll pave the way to distant worlds. And get into the mysteries of the Universe.

Back cover of Questar Illustrated Science Fiction Classics, Golden Press, Not to be confused with the short lived Questar SF magazine around at the same time.

Juan Giménez (Mendoza, Argentina, 1943) dibujante argentino de historietas que destaca en los géneros de fantasía y ciencia ficción.

JUAN GIMÉMEZ - Part 2 Giménez, born 1943 in Mendoza, is clearly one of my favourite artists. He is mostly known for his “Meta Baron” - Comics and the participation in the movie “Heavy Metal” Giménez,.