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Wizard of Oz

Margaret Hamilton, actress: played the parts of Almira Gulch (as seen here on her bicycle) and the very scary Wicked Witch of the West, in the 1939 movie "The Wizard Of Oz".

Judy Garland-The Wizard of OZ.........

The Wizard of Oz - Jack Haley, Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger.Where are you going guys, remember Oz didn't give anything to the Tin Man that he didn't already have!

Metropolis Film Poster. #vintage #movies #film #scifi

Metropolis Film Poster

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, movie poster, 1926 Poster for Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis” shows the character Maria in Rotwang’s transformation machine. Signed “Klebrand”, ca.

The cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz threw a "going away" party on the set of The Wizard of Oz for director Victor Fleming on 17th February, 1939, who is leaving to direct Gone with the Wind.

Cast and crew of THE WIZARD OF OZ celebrating original director Victor Fleming's birthday before he left the film to direct GONE WITH THE WIND. Note Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch of the West) enjoying her ice cream.

Glinda the good witch.

Dorothy realizes that she's travelled over the rainbow. From the Warner Bros. film - "The Wizard Of Oz"