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Ka 52 Black Shark

Kamov Alligator (NATO Designation Hokum-B), notice how different it looks versus the Kamov Chernaya Akula or Black Shark (NATO Designation Hokum-A).

MH-6 Littlebird US Army 160th SOAR by Nick__Thomas Help Us Salute Our Veterans by supporting their businesses at www.VeteransDirectory.com and Hire Veterans VIA www.HireAVeteran.com Repin and Link URLs

McDonnell Douglas Littlebird - US Army Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR).

Ka-50 "Black Shark"

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Denel Rooivalks helicópteros de ataque da África do Sul - 2013 foram enviados para a República Democrática do Congo, como parte das Operação das Nações Unidas

The Rooivalk painted in white UN colours prior to deployment. Photo from the Internet.


Mil Havoc (Called Nochnoy Ohotnik (Night Hunter) by pilots) of the Russian Military Air Force-VVS

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Good things come in three’s. Three Marine CH-53E... Hawaii

Good things come in three’s. Three Marine Super Stallion helicopters approach for landing at the Marine Corps Training Area Bellows, Waimanalo, Hawaii. Twenty-two nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and