Shows beautifully the delicate mood of watercolor love it...........

shows angles of window gobos for court scene - also back up for forest Lovely backgrounds that capture light exceptionally well

yrjo edelmann - oil painting on canvas

The Realistic violet packaging painting, by Yrjö Edelmann (oil on canvas)., by Yrjö Edelmann (oil on canvas).

Surreal paintings by Paco Pomet

Surreal paintings by Paco Pomet (Artful Desperado)

Paco Pomet lives and works in Granada, Spain, from where he creates crazy surreal paintings like the ones above. A bubble gum river, a gold foil mountain, a glacier inside an office – all is possible

javiera da fonseca

javiera da fonseca (The Jealous Curator)

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// angela deane

angela deane / "Found photos starring gouachie ghosts by American artist Angela Deane. All of these pieces are from her “Ghost Photographs“ series. Angela refers to them as “ghosts of moments” – special events gone by which may or may not be remembered fu