Chibi Commission: Shiorihikaru by YukikaChan

Chibi commission for of her OC Sailor Athene, a Super Senshi boy! ♥u♥ Did I ever mentioned how much I love braids? u//v//u I can't resist to characters with braided hair And this .

Commission — Reveka Chibi by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt — арты аниме

[speedpaint] c| sulyia by inioli on DeviantArt

[speedpaint] c| sulyia by inioli on DeviantArt

Chibi Commission for Meruuka ©Artwork-myaoh ©Characters-Meruuka Terms Of Service Commission

Chibi Commissions for cutesu ©Artwork-myaoh ©Characters-cutesu Terms Of Service Commission

Commission for for her kofk NPC, gudrun. I do believe she is the summer event shop keeper. (but I might be remembering wrong) XD I just adore her big bow!

CA: Kazusa056 by YukikaChan on deviantART

Custom Adoptable for: Thank you so much! I hope you like her >w<She's so cute I'm a sucker for moe maids CA:

Chibi commission for of her OC Neoxia. She already had a super cute design so I didn't change it much. But I got to pick the colors. &gt;w&lt; Sorry I've been kinda slow lately guys. ;___; I've got...

Second chibi commission for of her OC, Berry. >w< I had a lot of fun with her tonight! [C:C] Berryiis 2