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Отличающаяся великолепием фотокарточка с котом

♥CG♥ 97 Kurilian Bobtail Kitten- The variety is mostly known for its distinctive "pom-pom" kinked, short tail. Short- or long-haired, it has a distinct short, fluffy tail, ranging from 2 to 10 vertebrae.

maisonsblanches: (via Schwanennest)looks just like my rag doll Eros

OMG this cat is awesome,cute

OMG this cat is awesome,cute

Kitty Wants a Belly Rub - 9th September 2014

Kitty Wants a Belly Rub - 9th September 2014

мое туманное утро                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

мое туманное утро Mehr I have no idea what this means but what a lovely kitty

" Didja know dat when someone builds a better mousetrap, deh government comes along wif a better mouse?" BLACK & WHITE KITTEH: " Aw hell, dey'll never beat us az deh world's best mousers."

gossip over the garden wall.did you hear about Louise? Well, Mittsy told me.

Calico Maine Coon

Tortie's and their ears, discovering a trend!and the award for Most Amazing Ears goes to.

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