The Guardian (2001-2004) TV series: a flawed show which is more than redeemed by the magnificent performance of Simon Baker as Nick Fallin

Complicated Character Extraordinaire The Guardian (TV) Stars: Simon Baker, Alan Rosenberg, Dabney Coleman, Wendy Moniz .

in fantasy casting Simon Baker as 'Governor' Lord John Grey weird this is just how I pictured him too.

Wallpaper and background photos of Simon Baker! for fans of Simon Baker images.

Simon Baker from the mentalist and Devil Wears Prada!

simon baker - I don't normally like blondes, but I'll make an exception for his beautiful smile.

Simon Baker ~ Cannes 2015

Not man candy with this scruffy beard. Let's hope it is only for his role in 'Breath'

Simon Baker

Kelsier -- Simon Baker I don't care much for the actor, but visually he's what I pictured.

Royce Lansing, Sarah's ex-husband (aka actor Simon Baker)

Patrick Jane, consultant to the FBI and mentalist (aka actor Simon Baker)

Simon Baker

Bucket List Item I want to touch Simon Baker’s hair. I think the only hair appreciation post I’ve had so far has been Simon Baker.