So cute <3 idk which one is cuter lol.

So cute idk which one is cuter lol.<<<Brothers talking about their kids Optimus and Megatron

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During an unfortunate accident that's half planned, the bots and cons are transformed into sparklings. Can Optimus and the kids take care of the sparkling Aut.

Parenting... you're doing it right!

Every parent should take a little from this and put it into their life! Parenting: your doing it right!

HELLO KIDS by Autumn123Charlotte on DeviantArt

tfhuman - baymovie response from this boys~~ uncle Leonard is- wooooooo(OAOlll) !

"And stop laughing Jack. Your kids are just as bad!"

"And stop laughing Jack. I can totally see reaper as a dad, he basically adopted all of darkwatch as his kits.