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Coffee Naps...Because Coffee Breaks Are SO 2013PositiveMed | Positive Vibrations in Health

Coffee Naps...Because Coffee Breaks Are SO 2013

Coffee nap - Magic of science for your brain / Coffee Infographic / Coffee Shop Stuff

OH!  Look at the time!

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21 Free Printables for Your Coffee Cart

Your Coffee Guru is dedicated to all things coffee and coffee related. Here you'll find pictures of fresh brews, fancy mugs and.

coffee addict... @Hannah Goodall didn't realize you tagged me in this until I was repinning it.

Why is coffee addictive? The coffee bean has a distinctive smell that makes you forget how painful it is to be awake.

I'm holding a cup of coffee, so yeah, I'm pretty busy.

I'm holding a cup of coffee, so yeah, I'm pretty one gets this one simple truth.


Lol when I meet someone and I find out they don't drink coffee trust me I am wondering why the heck not?

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee

Coffee is basically happiness and the easiest way to put me in a good mood

coffee lovers #coffeelovers

coffee lovers #coffeelovers

I showed this to my hubby and he said "that's literally you" hahahaha

If I was coffee, you could drink me into your heart. I would make your heart pound heavily,and give you a spring in your step,you could see a day as a fresh start and enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

I can so identify with this one. I've been drinking coffee longer than Starbucks has been around.

True Coffee Lovers know that before coffee was the "in" drink or rather before "Starbucks", Coffee Lovers still made and drank coffee. Coffee will never go away or out of style unless the world is destroyed.