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selective colour photography

Beautiful Selective Color Photos

Selective Color Photos is when the whole photo is in grayscale but one object or element in the photo is carrying its color detail

Blue Color Splash | Colors

Splash of Color - motorcycle

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In this picture it shows emphasis on the flowers for a wedding. Everything else is blacked out but the color on the flowers are brighter because it is the focal point of the picture because it is an ad for wedding flowers. It is also the dominant element

splash of colour

crayola colors in my pocket

bring a little color to you with our variety of colored eyeshadows

Touch of color blue💙

Better Dog Photography Tips

Tips fo Better Dog Photography

Better Dog Photography Tips

Purple Rose by TerryPotter on DeviantArt

Emphasis: The red flower is the main focus point in this picture because everything else is gray, dull, and boring so it enhances the color of the red flower making the eye focus more on it than anything else.

"The Lavender Bicycle", Rovinj, Istria, Croatia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"The Lavender Bicycle", Rovinj, Istria, Croatia by robin denton

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30 Amazing and Meaningful Action Photos From Real Life

One of the most common concepts explored within high speed photography is the splashing of liquid. Its natural flowing state does make it a good subject to use.

Impressive Black & White Photography with a Touch of Color

Black & White Photography/Touch of Color