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Bilderesultat for elg i solnedgang

Bilderesultat for elg i solnedgang

Tote bag by @mymobilhome

Instagram Post by Anne Millet (@bonjour_diary)

Tote bag by

2a8448a19a5995ee57b42206e9cdecfd.jpg 370×960 pixels

2a8448a19a5995ee57b42206e9cdecfd.jpg 370×960 pixels

Vegvisir, the old viking compass for guidance. Surrounding runes: "not all who wander are lost." Inguz in the middle: "where there is a will there is a way." The 2 ravens Huginn and Muginn for wisdom. Yggdrasil: "the tree of life." Stands for Balance. Supported by 2 runes of time: Jerah and Dagaz, both for decision making. Meaning of this tattoo to me: every step i take toward balance is with a certain thought and memory, strengthened by Valknut and guided by Vegvisir and Inguz. by cora

Vegvisir for guidance Ungiz for perseverance surrounding runes: "not all who wander are lost." Valknut for strength. Huginn and muginn for wisdom. Yggdrasil for balance. Jerah and dagaz for decision making.

Telemark Cutting Plaque #PL2B #JoanDahlRosemaling

Telemark Cutting Plaque #PL2B


A celtic cat in the same style as my celtic wolf. [link] This was requested by Vector Celtic Cat