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Michael Heizer - The City

A Monument to Outlast Humanity In the Nevada desert, the pioneering artist Michael Heizer completes his colossal life’s work. Heizer, a pioneer of the earthworks movement, began “City” in A mile.

Pattern I chose this picture because it has a repetition of the pillars with shadows to create leading lines. It makes me feel like I'm walking through this pathway and I'm about to turn. I really like the use of shadows to create another pattern within a

Nick Frank is a Germany based photographer and art director who photographs urban architecture in Munich. The Mira series showcases vibrant color blocking in an urban landscape environment. Here, the stunning colors and geometric structures are beautifully explored.

Nick Frank’s Mira Series

It's no wonder Munich based photographer Nick Frank favors shooting urban architecture. He does it so well. His perspective on the facade of Mira, a local shopping center, has enhanced the colors and geometric structure so beautifully and brilliantly.

Michael Heizer | Metropol Kunstraum

Michael Heizer | Metropol Kunstraum

The Big Dig: A Map of Land Art Across America - Public Art - Curbed National

The Big Dig: A map of land art across America

Complex City is a piece of earth art located in Garden Valley, a desert valley in rural Lincoln County in the U. state of Nevada, near the border with Nye County. The work was begun in 1972 by the artist Michael Heizer and is ongoing.

Source: weissesrauschen

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Mary Miss, Perimeters/Pavilions/Decoys, 1977-1978

Mary Miss, Perimeters/Pavilions/Decoys, 1977-1978

xo-skeleton: “Mary Miss, Perimeters/Pavilions/Decoys, 1978 ”

Heizer with his sculpture “North, East, South, West” and his dog Tomato Rose.

A Monument to Outlast Humanity

Dana Goodyear on Michael Heizer, the pioneering artist of the earthworks movement, and his monumental sculpture, in the Nevada desert.