Berkeley hotel branding by Construct London

Berkeley Branding Construct, has completed a year long branding project for the Berkeley, the five star luxury hotel in Knightsbridge owned and operated by the Maybourne hotel group.

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Diptique // 고급스러운 종이패키지.


Self promotion idea. Direct mail that is interesting is still one of the best self promotion ideas out there.  Just remember to be creative.

Baldoria – Wine Cellar and Bar in Porto, Portugal

Project Love: Jacqueline Fleury

Gorgeous branding for Jacqueline Fleury , designed by Sylvain Toulouse . Jacqueline Fleury is a talented seam.

長3カマス ホワイトクラフト(13113301)表1色・裏1色(基本色スミ)エンボス加工|ハグルマ封筒オンラインストア

長3カマス ホワイトクラフト(13113301)表1色・裏1色(基本色スミ)エンボス加工|ハグルマ封筒オンラインストア

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I've been thinking about making rubber stamps for awesome handmade business cards. hand-made & home-made Awesome business cards

identity / Am Steinberg Hotels

Am Steinberg HotelSteinberg, translated "stone mountain", is a little nice Hotel located in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz (Germany). The given name was the key to reach the right interior design concept, making the mountain silouettes and crooked lines its …