Typography Installation

In Order To Control, a multi-media installation created by NOTA BENE Visual, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul.

Interactive Shadows Made with Words - My Modern Metropolis

Interactive Shadows Made with Words

It's one thing to stand in font of a projector to create shadow puppets, but it's an entirely different experience to block a text-based floor projection a

Interactive Window Display

This is such a brilliant concept. This came out last year, but is still so cool.

Interactive Window Concept made for the module Advanced Interface Design at Hyper Island hosted by North Kingdom

Domain Mall Interactive Wall Display - YouTube

This is the public art project we worked with Otto Li in the new Domain Mall in Yau Tong. The installation uses two Kinect sensors to track pedestrian and ge.

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interactive, participatory and informational _ designed for all ages _ creates a different environment in the gallery when the audience becomes part of the art work . NOTA BENE Visual In Order to Control “A text discussing about…"

Interactive "collor out" projected templates for kids.

From digital graffiti to bespoke apparel ready in minutes — the future is here and tech start up Luma is leading the way.

aakashnihalani: “ Aakash Nihalani ”

An entry from CANA

A interesting interactive projection that move with the user. Simple yet effective aakashnihalani: “ Aakash Nihalani ”

threaded wire and dice installation by Korean artist Kim Hyun. imagination and ingenuity at work.

Kim Hyun’s Dice Figures Kim Hyun takes casts of her subjects and then transforms those casts into sculptures using hundreds of dice. I think the material is interesting and it makes me wonder why the artist chose dice.

GREAT entrance into the entire museum.  LOVE this...maybe it starts with Welcome and then on the white part it has friends names, family names, your favorites (color, food, hobbies)...LOVE

интерактив со смыслами_GREAT entrance into the entire museum.maybe it starts with Welcome and then on the white part it has friends names, family names, your favorites (color, food, hobbies).