I took this picture myself at the aquarium at Sea World, Florida. I love jellyfish c:

white jellyfish This is the one we had to watch for at the beach on the Sea of Japan.


chasingrainbowsforever: “ Sea Nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens), Monterey Bay Aquarium ~ Photography by Michael Engelen ”

Jellyfish On Blue by Sally Crossthwaite - Jellyfish On Blue Photograph - Jellyfish On Blue Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Jellyfish On Blue Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Sally Crossthwaite

and the little fishes..

Symbiosis in the Coral Reef .These fish are immune to the stings of the jellyfish. They hide in their tentacles and then share the meals of the fish that are caught by jellyfish.

So beautiful!

'Magnificent Jellyfish' by OceanSense Productions [tags Tanzania Africa]

Jellyfish ✿ #ocean life

Enchanting Jellies

Australian Spotted Jellyfish - Phyllorhiza punctata - A beautiful but annoying invader Phyllorhiza punctata (Rhizostomae - Mastigiidae) is a large jellyfish with a rounded and somewhat flattened gelatinous bell that is clear or possibly tinted brown.


After meeting the Hermit Crab, Buster encounters a Moon Jellyfish. He could have talked with even more varieties of Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. But that would have been a big trip for a little crab.