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Meet Twist he is a quarter horse gelding he does everything western he would make a good stud he is for breed or lease or for sale bid starts at 800

This is the kind of pasture mate you may not run into everyday?

♥♥ Horse with bonus roo for MY Mare! ♥♥ Gypsy Vanner Horse And Kangaroo Standing In Pasture Photographer: Mark J.

blue roan saddle horse Titanio

Titanio PE blue roan quarter horse -- inspiration for one of the horses that Camila and Rusty is training in "Border Affair"

I like the look of this horse

Nez Perce horse (Akhal Teke x Appaloosa) Forbidden Passion - brought back from original horses belonging to the Nez Perce Indian Tribe. The horse is STUNNING! You can see the Akhal Teke influence in the neck and face!

Painted horse

NATIVE AMERICAN WAR PONY: in the Native American tradition, a Warrior and his Horse were inseparable; in battle they fought together as one. Each in tune with the other’s spirit, they shared the Heart of a Warrior.

Could not say this better myself

Horseback riding is a sport. Don't even say it isn't, there are competitions and you have to practice. I bet all of you that say it isn't a sport can't even ride.

This paint is almost white

Son Of a Gun - FIZZ is a loud splashed white overo horse with 2 blue eyes. His sire “Gunner” is a splashed white and his dam “Miss Modern Art” is an overo - Sonny carries both gene types and is throwing both colour patterns to solid mares.

unique appaloosas - Google Search

I love Sabino coloring on horses, as this Paint Horse stallion so elegantly shows. He's really beautiful, but needs to lose about a hundred pounds and/or be ridden more.

reverse dapple gruella - Google Search

Not sure if this is a pintaloosa or not and I'm not a huge fan but this is one pretty horse.