Peter Fudge Gardens: Betonplatten mit Kiesel  Weg durch…

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awesome Peter Fudge Gardens: interesting way of placing timber decking over gravel.

Bakken met siergrassen, eenvoud maakt strak

Bakken met siergrassen, eenvoud maakt strak


Sunken square lawn with a slight indent for a simple sculptural arrangement adds elegance to a small modern garden.

Patiogarden by Guy Wolfs. Mooie goed gevulde verhoogde plantenbakken.

The gravel by the raised bed bit - A large oak deck has steps leading down to a lawn design based on two offset squares in this large town garden in Hove, Sussex. The exotic tropical planting is dominant even in mid-winter.

New York City Garden terrace

Never underestimate the value of an outdoor garden/terrace/space in any type of home. ✨ This beautiful oasis high up in New York City from sweet has me in a New York state of mind. Happy Weekend everyone!