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He shouldn't have to gooo *ugly sobbing*

He shouldn't have to gooo *ugly sobbing

Imagine the ppl in 3017 looking back on things like this and thinking the same thing but they are actually ppl like us except with wireless charging and faster internet

and instead we've got clowns terrorizing the streets, two idiots running for president, and the threat of nuclear war from North Korea < Don't forget Harambe.

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Willy Shakes xD William Shakespeare throwing shade and puns in Romeo and Juliet. All the worlds a stage. Rose rival theater with sewage problem.

Monday Morning Randomness - Gallery

Monday Morning Randomness

Dark white shirt I'm literally dying of laughter right now oh my gosh


To Be Fair, Everyone Wants To Marry Bowie // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

It is a weird musical I'll give you that

If I find out someone hates cats, I immediately dislike that person! The cat in the post sounds such a sweetie pie 😁💕❤❤.


LOL YEESSSSS Someone write a Romeo and Juliet parody where Romeo falls in love with Tybalt.

Funny tumblr post

I did that once with a hella fast swat of a pencil. We were all terrified of me for a solid seven minutes.