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Music is life❤️

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Then there's me. I wear boots or ropers, riding pants, a hat cause i don't want to do my hair cause I wake up too early to feed. and my horse is my life, you hurt her, you will see a crazy girl.

Here's to all the band kids

Awesomest day ever in the history of the world

Actually it's: Band member:How are yo- You'Ohmygod! Band member: what?

"Smooth seas don't make good sailors" and " the past is haunting me, let go and set me free, open the door to the unknown"

every twenty one pilots lyric ever

This is me! Except the cigar...never smoking....ever.

This is my life but mostly rock CX

Story of my life>>> literally. I am an introverted dork.

*puts thumbs up* But idk being a socially awkward teenager that listens to bands all day is kinda fun

Sounds like an actual good cause but like there like real foundations who need the money more. Not to say people with depression have it easy bc I used to have it and that shit wasn't easy to deal with

If I ever becoem rich


I live my muisc I love my muisc I most of all enjoy my music Music free you be free


holly on

This is such an amazing thing

my english teacher let us pick our topic for our first essay of the year and guess what i chose? my music taste woo. i swear that essay was like 1628371 pages long whoops<<< nice

We are gonna- band 😂😂😂