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I'm literally holding in a squeal

he always stares and looks up and down at his eyes and his lips and then they jump cut THEY CUT OUT THEM KISSING<<<what if they don’t kiss tho and they just jumpcut for another reason?

Yep Wow Dan...--- I may or may not be drooling

I'm sorry I literally laughed when I saw this. I can't take the pose seriously


okay but it actually looks like they were trying to be tyjo and jish like cmon

I've heard a lotta shit about Brendon and i didn't Realize that it was true but it is, he fat shamed, made a rape joke, made fun of someone with anxiety (he called her a fucking idiot) and dallon is the same, zack even worse.

Where you thinking of it?

Dans face on Phil's looks like Anthony Padilla <<< hahaha he does

Actually before Dan winks the guy to his right said "boyfriend?!" And THEN he winked. Just saying

Actually before Dan winks the guy to his right said "boyfriend? Just saying <<actually the guy to his right said girlfriend, dan winked phil said no guy to the right said boyfriend and dan winked again