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Just a wild albion idea

They'll be just another tool to perpetuate huge alliances dominance over the black zone, as they won't ever lose it

Albion Online Gathering

Albion Online Ideas for Gathering Changes and FAQ

Make the Albion Online they have better

We'd end up with World of Warcraft in glorious This is a niche genre, some people aren't going to like it.

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I got the conclusion after the Albion Online test and feedback

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Black zone is useless. I have been in guilds that held territories. The resources should be across the whole black zone and needs to be more available

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In June I had the pleasure of visiting the Sandbox Interactive games studio for an up-close and personal introduction to the forthcoming Albion Online, a sandbox MMO, due out in the last quarter of this year.

I don

I don't quite understand this about the Albion Online

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The OP's questions hit the crux of the problem with Albion Online

Albion reputation system

Opinion about albion online reputation system

Question and Answer about albion online pole hammer

My settings are also set properly, so its either a bug or a ninja fix, everyone said the same thing.

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