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ArtStation - [FAN ART] Fallout 3 Combat Shotgun, Josh Powers. Follow my board for more Fallout contents!

I took the combat shotgun from Fallout 3 and redesigned it slightly to make it more functional in appearance.

Murdelizer - Imgur


The top rifle is a standard in pulse weaponry. Spaceship, pulp retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi airship steampunk

I so want one!!!!

Inspirational Weaponry Concept Designs by 39 Talented Artists

[Image: mp40tribal.jpg]

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Wolfenstein: The New Order - AR 60 with extras by torvenius on DeviantArt

Concept art of the AR 60 I did for Wolfenstein The New Order. Wolfenstein: The New Order - AR 60 with extras

Shelby's last resort in battles   the "Jolly" a sawed-off shotgun  Softwares: Photoshop

just some quick junk looking firearms maybe the vertical order should have been reversed post apoc gun doodles

Comborifle - The Order 1886 fan-art by Nosslak on DeviantArt

A steampunk rifle based on concept art from the game The Order modeled as fan art. Comborifle - The Order 1886 fan-art

For those days when you need to get things done...  Steampunk weapon concept by ~FakeRabbit

I could see this as a cyberpunk weapon where a tool is converted into a street weapon. This is a Steampunk weapon concept by ~FakeRabbit

Post Apocalyptic Weapons by Coby Kennedy

improvised axe and shield. Junkculture: Brooklyn Artist Turns Street Signs into Post Apocalyptic Weapons Mais