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texture art is used to to create the environment within a game, which is useful for mapping out the interiors which can be used in levels and cutscenes

-Layout/use of screens in the bg Well, what to say other than this being your generic sci-fi interior.Started very loose and just went with happened~ Painting in a café is somehow much more productiv than at home.

URBAN FUTURES, Fabio Comin on ArtStation at

URBAN FUTURES, Fabio Comin on ArtStation at


Nazi Explosions Meet Beautiful Landscape Paintings in This Video Game Concept Art

The awesome artwork of digital concept artist and illustrator Geoffroy Thoorens. Geoffroy also works under the name Djahal. Video game and Movie Concept Artist.

This album contains shots of some of my work in the Halo 5 Guardians Arena Map: Riptide Map Lead: Chris Lewis Additional Artists: Aenok Oh Lighting: Kevin Dalziel