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Touring Jen Smith's Boho, Family-Friendly Home

When did you start your photography brand, Honey Lake Studio? Tell us about the process of bringing your business to life. I started my photography brand, Honey Lake Studio, about five years ago.

Amanda Jane Jones Interview and Photographs

Meet Amanda Jane Jones, wife, mother to daughter Jane, and Kinfolk contributor. Read her interview and photographs inside her Chicago home.

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Having a child out of wedlock is also another thing that many people find taboo. Most people believe that you should be married to have a child. Many people who have children out of wedlock are afraid of how the public will view them.

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Moment Unrehearsed- unrehearsed means not practice or preambles and this photo gives the pure illusion of just family bonding time and pure natural joy no "smile for the camera sweetie"

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“Every Sunday afternoon, Clay and I start brainstorming ways we could live without having to spend so much time apart. Ideas include, but are not limited…”


THIS kind of light Unposed, real life + coffee (parents can relate) Maybe toddler sitting down & baby in wrap possibly sleeping

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Barefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie standing on paddle board - family goals