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I hope one day you will remember what I once meant to you and how you could have had a lifetime of me continuing to be there for you, but you choose to crush my heart. There could have been another way, but I guess I wasn't worth it.

You do this now... Imagine when I'm gone.

I didn't lose you, you lost me. You'll search for me inside of everyone you're with and I won't be found. A-fuckin-men

that's how i feel... he'll hurt me and i'll cry for soooo long because it just hurt sooooooooooo bad but all i can think about is all the times he's made me smile and why he made me smile and it'll eventually overpower the hurt. =) ~Madeline Edwards~

I can't help but to miss her. I recall the good times as well as the bad but good always prevails! I'll shed a tear and smile at a great relationship I got to live!

hurt doesn't cover the way i feel

you're gonna miss me and when you do, you'll realize that you only have yourself to blame and I hope that blame hurts you like the pain of you leaving hurt me.


i know a person that i couldve swore would never hurt me would never leave my side would never break me would never dare to make me cry

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"What Hurts More Than Losing You Is Knowing You're Not Fighting To Keep Me." For my Dank. How I wanted you to fight to keep me. I loved you to the moon and back.