a-harlots-progress: Two gentlemen in London, 1904. From stylebritish2012.tumbler.com

gothicrealm: “ edwardianera: “ Two Gentlemen, London, 1904 ” Can I just drool over your nice outfit and top hat, sir?


The sting of a hornet”; Edwardian hat-pin self defence - “When attacked from behind, she grasps a hatpin. Turning quickly, She is able to strike a fatal blow in the face.

Edwardian males were known to wear three piece suits consisting of jacket, vest, and trousers and also paired with a shirt and necktie during the work week.  Suits were always worn for important occasions as well. Sport jackets, trousers, and shirts of various kinds would be worn during more leisure activities.

Men from the Edwardian time period. Their day dress consisted of a single breasted morning coat, waist coat, trousers, cravat, and top hat or bowler.

Take a look inside the bizarre and beautiful world of Life Magazine photographer Nina Leen, aka "The Lenslady."

23 Pictures Show How Strangely Beautiful The 1940s Really Were

Actress Joan Roberts dressed in her costume for the musical Oklahoma, roaring with laughter as her English bulldog Goggles lifts his leg on a street lighting post near the theatre, during a matinee intermission-NYC - Photo by Nina Leen - 1944

Seriously, someone make this clothing again. VP: Pip you are beautiful! Great Expectations

Great Expectations 2011 BBC Douglas Booth as Pip - great Victorian costume, love the frock coat

Father and son 1916

Edwardian males - men's day dress consisted of a single breasted morning coat, waist coat, trousers, cravat, and top hat or bowler.


Vintage Photos of Dapper Men from the Victorian Era

Maurice Barrymore, 1849 - British born stage actor the father of John, Lionel and Ethel Barrymore. The Odyssey of Maurice Barrymore by James Kotsilibas-Davis

colorised 1910 photograph - exceptionally well done, it looks like a film still!

a rare autochrome, or coloured photograph, most likely dating from the long, hot summer of 1914


wehadfacesthen: “ A soldier says goodbye to his wife and infant child in Pennsylvania Station before shipping out for service in World War II, New York City, Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

A daisy does not pretend to be like a rose. Be true to yourself. LO


Black and white daisy captured by Ansel Adams in This photo shows the flowers texture and has a hint of depth of field incorporated.>>> i love ansel adams' photos

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Night time black and white photo. Just cause this is taken at night , makes it a even better black and white photo.

Peeking through to Paris, only dreaming of this view. Someday...

Paris Photography, A moment in Paris, black and white photography, Living Room Art, Clock at the Musee D'Orsay, black and white Paris print