Clam Magazine #28 Muse: Mahany Pery Photography: Adriano Damas.... Just beautiful!!

Ford Model Mahany Pery for Clam - Fall/Winter Photographer: Adriano Damas Stylist: David Diniz & Sandro de Mauro.

Simply fierce.

Beautiful natural black hair upswept into an elegant turban or sophisticated beehive hairstyle


From - "A smile is the most beautiful smile on a woman's body" ------------------------------------ Model/Stylist/Creative Director: Mua: Headwraps: ------------------------------------ by blakizfleek

Clam Magazine #28  Muse: Mahany Pery Photography: Adriano Damas #african #fashion #editorial

What a beautiful shoot, the model, the styling everything, Brazilian Model Mahany Pery photographed by Adriano Damas for Clam Magazine Sadly there is no credit for the stylist if there was one or the designer.

The Tribe of Tomorrow by Ryan Tandya for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia #tribal #eclectic

Tribe of Tomorrow by Ryan Tandya for Harper's Bazaar Indonesia

「The Tribe of Tommorow」 Aya Bernedette, Ayu Faradilla, Dea Nabila, Dianna Lo…


Tribal inspired makeup with a fashion twist, photographed by Allure and modeled by ReneZoe

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

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