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Artwork de Bill Sienkiewicz 01

“ Atomika by Bill Sienkiewicz ”

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I like the grit in this work. I like it for my story, but I don't see this finish often in published GN/Comics. — Sienkiewicz - The Wolverine

Sienkiewicz -  Slow Dancer  (Epic Illustrated) page  Comic Art

Sienkiewicz - Slow Dancer (Epic Illustrated) page Comic Art

A Mutant Masterwork - Wolfsbane by Bill Sienkiewicz *

ungoliantschilde: “ Feral by Bill Sienkiewicz, from X-Force Annual # ”


I wish there was a better scan of this but when I was a kid this cover to Comet blew my fragile little mind away. Alex Niño over Carmine Infantino.

Hypernaturals | Bill Sienkiewicz

Sienkiewicz draws The Hypernaturals Sienkiewicz draws The Hypernaturals comic books comics