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e sphinx tattoos 25 limited edition J+B whiskey bottles: sébastien mathieu has literally tattooed onto 25 bottles wrapped in a skin-colored latex and then decorated using a sharp needle. the final product is presented in rough black wooden box.

This beer’s name means ‘One Pine Tree’ and its design is a symbol of charity and hope for Japan’s brighter future.

Ippon Matsu Beer, The Dieline :: designed by Kota Kobayashi :: "a single pine tree stands as a testament to survival after the tsunami of “One Pine Tree", symbol of charity, hope and the wish for progress

The new Diet Coke can coming this fall...

New Diet Coke, even less is more

Yes, they did make the logo bigger. Last August we reported on limited edition Diet Coke packaging from Turner Duckworth featuring an enlarged, cropped version of the logo. Diet Coke is now to adopt the design permanently


Red Brick Beer: "Red Brick Beer: Beer from around here, Packaging" Direct marketing by

Glenglaussaugh 51 Year Old - 1963

Glenglaussaugh 51 Year Old - 1963

Neige ice cider | A clean and minimalist design was created based around a pattern of snowflakes | packaging

Inspired by the technique used to make ice wine and by Québec's very particular climate, Neige (meaning snow in English) ice cider was bor.