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I like Elizabeth best as far as characters, but Mr. Knightly is the best man.

Because, despite how undeniably attractive aloof Mr. Darcy is, we all can't help but wonder if Bingly is truly the better man.

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Why the hell did none of my teachers ever assign Pride and Prejudice as a book to read in high school? Has anyone ever noticed that they usually ONLY assign books that guys would usually like?

The most accurate depiction of how I watch Pride and Prejudice EVER. It is the absolute truth and it freaks me out

Watching Pride and Prejudice. This is pretty much the most accurate drawing I have ever seen of someone watching Pride and Prejudice.

it's a truth universally acknowledged. ((hey all you "he-doesn't-smile-enough" haters. this is for you!))

It's a truth universally acknowledged. Thou shalt have no Mr. Darcy besides Colin Firth!

Keep Calm Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice

10 Bookish Keep Calm Posters

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Go to Brighton? I wouldn't trust you as near it as Eastbourne! Not for a hundred pounds! Bennet to Kitty, Pride and Prejudice {Period Drama eCards!

Reference: Pride and Prejudice (1995)  I thought it would break my heart!  Well I'm sure I shall break mine!