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check out NASA images for yourself, and post any photo you think is not a CGI.  Good luck finding one that is not a painting, cartoon, or computer graphic.

different cameras, different satellites, different distances from the earth, image on the left is obviously cropped, etc

Something to think about! If everything else is a lie, then it stands to reason that even this too, has been fabricated and deceptively fed to the world.

60 Bible Verses Describing a Flat Earth Inside a Dome – Flat Earth Science and… The lie is in the first phrase

Logic people use your heads an think for yourself dont let made up government agency's do it for you

The Moon ftom USA & Australia at the same time. One is bigger & in daylight, the other pic is smaller & farther away & at night

World Map Of Square Stationary Flat Earth 1893 Antique Reprint

Flat Earth Map - Map of the Square and Stationary Earth -Orlando Ferguson- Poster x

world map with north pole in center - Google Search

Azimuthal Equidistant North Pole centered, Used in the United Nations logo. All points on the map are at correct distances and correct directions (straight lines!) from the center point. Useful for showing airline distances.