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Latest Flat Earth Memes #117
Flat Earth Map - 3  Gleason's New Standard Maps Of The World - Large 24" x 36"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=504&v=T8-YdgU-CF4 Flat earth introduction by markksargent
The earth is not flat. The earth is a sphere. Gravity is a powerful force, it holds us to the earth and it holds the solar system in its shape. Flat earth people don't understand geometry or Newtonian science. And that's their problem, their own lack of biblical knowledge and their own lack of common knowledge. They're ignorant and have not been studying. I've rarely encountered such a group of illiterate, unread people. They equivocate at every stage of the argument.
So... Australia is as big as Russia?
World Map of the Flat Earth Printed by Beatus Rhenanus Bildaus Rheinau, 16th Century Giclee Print at Art.com
N.A.S.A. is a bunch of liar's just like your government, don't believe a word any of them tell you.