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The games get pretty crazy at English teachers' parties. Grammar Humor Pin the apostrophe on the ITS

Hope it's hot chocolate #CoffeeMillionaires #chocolatelovers #lovemyjob

twas the night before christmas and, well, ok a mouse is stirring. gemma correll and her merry band of misfits. christmas food and animal joke pun.

I can't believe I went out with an apostrophe...

I can't believe I went out with an apostrophe - he was so possessive. My favorite punctuation! I love apostrophes!

Good dog. The language teacher in me made me repin this one!

The countdown continues: Ten Most Common Errors Made by Writers: Verbal Abuse: Lay vs. Lie & Related Verb Warps “So, I implore you, do not terrorize your dog .

15 Reasons You Should Definitely Use The Oxford Comma

15 Reasons You Should Definitely Use The Oxford Comma

Funny pictures about The Oxford comma. Oh, and cool pics about The Oxford comma. Also, The Oxford comma.

This is SO me

When you're chronically sleep deprived, your brain doesn't work too well. This is my life

Then and now...

This is why we write them. :) Mail then and now. So funny! Getting letters and cards through snail mail when he is on deployment is so much better than e-mails. Although I still need his e-mail every day.

There/ their/ they're dear, it's/its allright/alright, don't loose/lose your cool then/than you can't affect/effect the change your/you're looking for.

The proposal for a new tax…

Syntax: "the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language." but it should be a "Syn Tax".

Even as a existentialist teen Hamlet was annoying others with his dark ambiguous questions.

I am so tired of you teenagers and your morbid T-shirts, Hamlet. A mother lamenting her son's clothing while he where's a T-shirt that says, and with a circle and slash around it. He is also holding a skull.

How to write a passive aggressive note

Funny pictures about How to write passive-aggressive notes. Oh, and cool pics about How to write passive-aggressive notes. Also, How to write passive-aggressive notes.

Nevermind. (Or, Whatevermore? saw that in a comment and laughed)

The Passive Aggressive Raven: "One of our favorite cartoonists, Jim Benton, has a special take on Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous work, The Raven. Quoth the raven, 'Nevermind.

Yes! Whoever made this, you are my hero.  Seriously.  We could be best friends forever.


Renaissance artists as Ninja Turtles - Funny cartoon with popular renaissance artists Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo wearing colorful masks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. MADE ME THINK OF KIEFER!