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It'll beclose-ish

That's it (turns around and and almost hits you while the storm troopers back is turned) told you

Every lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe & what they mean.

Star Wars lightsaber colors, explained

In case you were wondering, purple. Purple is the best lightsaber color. Not only is purple just the best color anyways, but moral ambiguity is not a bad thing!

star wars pillow cases!

I Love You I Know Pillow Case Set Don’t give the Han in your life the cold shoulder! Buy this awesome set of pillow cases to show your bed buddy that you.

"No one can kill a Jedi." Lol

Believed it once

Anakin is a hypocrite. He kills like all the population of Jedi Makes me sad <<<he was just a baby in this tho

Remembering Star Wars vs. Rewatching Star Wars

Remembering Star Wars vs. Rewatching Star Wars

Rewatching Star Wars <--- just forget about the word on the last block

C-3PO evolution

C-3PO evolution

I still don't understand why the stupid guys from Disney made with red arm in "The Force Awakens"!