This is what happens when 5SOS work out.

How I look after I go to the gym. Jk I don't go to the gym :)>>> you. I like you. I relate

Micheal Clifford get in the pic but of course he is taking a selfie too

29 Of The Most Intense 5SOS Fan Confessions

really mikey? get in the picture!, don't be antisocial!>>>>>>Well he's taking a picture himself. >>>>>> I don't think he knew they were taking a picture.

AHHHHHHHHHH im melting.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to 5 Seconds of Summer for creating such an amazing album and for working so hard on it for us. I love it so much and all of the songs are absolutely perfect. Thank you for loving us so much.


Fetus adorablness<<Calum laughing in the back x.x ♥<< they're making fun of Ashton's hand movements. xD<<<<<<there the wiggles