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In My Time of Dying.....John telling Dean he has to do the unimaginable. he made me so mad by john's all calm and "I'm proud of you" but I think he just said that to try and convince Dean to do what he says and be the perfect instrument he made him into.

In My Time of Dying.John telling Dean the awful secret about Sam. His Soul to suffer in Hell for Dean to live.

"The John that I knew and that I loved was a guy that loved his sons and was willing to die for them. And did." - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

"The John that I knew and that I loved was a guy that loved his sons and was willing to die for them." - Jeffrey Dean Morgan But John is gone and Negan is a bad mf'er.Abraham might call him "BatDick"

Yes Sir<<< aaaaaand I'm crying... So many daddy issues in one simple two-word sentence.

No one was speaking to John Winchester. He had said it was probably better that Sam had died rather than become what ever the demon was making him into. John didn't understand, Sam was the only person who could make himself into anything.

John Winchester screencaps

Season 1 "Salvation" -- "we've been waiting a long time for this fight, now it's here and I'm not gonna be in it. It's your fight, you finish this. You finish what I've started, you understand? I'll see you later.

''Remember when Cas smiled for the first time? And remember who put that smile there in the first place?'' / Castiel Dean

this episode killed me. they'd known each other for 6 weeks. and cas is telling dean secrets that not another soul can ever know about. he already trusted dean more than any other living thing in the universe. kill me now.

(gif set) Dean and Castiel; they're relationship might not be romantic but there is tremendous love and caring and need, wether it's platonic or romantic doesn't matter, what matters is their bond

I can respect if you don't ship Destiel. Honestly I don't see how anyone couldn't, whether they ship it or not <-- I don't even watch SPN and I think this is great.