Basically Dean, except he's not hiding it too well.

"cause you know he's...... Jensen Ackles" true i'm pretty sure he's not human.

Stephen Amell talking about Jensen Ackles :) (he's jealous of Stephen because Stephen is the only actor on CW allowed to have "scruff")😂😂😂😂

When they are too hot!!! #Supernatural

This is how a fangirl would be like if they met Dean and Sam. And if Dean and Sam were helping them as well.>>So Cas is a fangirl?

Misha's reflexes are hilarious. How they got anything done in the show is amazing. Lol

“We are very busy, very important people. [x]”<<< Is this footage of Dean coming out of the closet to Cas?<<< destiel or Jensen+Misha coming soon?

That shirt though!

Actual Tourist Dean Winchester [Just for the record. I hate you all x'D *crying* ]<---- Sam has also been to all of those