Bland Marvel Headcanons << this definitely makes sense with how Bucky and Steve acted in civil war (movie) in the fight scene with Tony

This is cute!! Except for Clint actually isn't deaf, he's hearing impaired

(Bland Marvel Headcanons) Even though I actually ship Lokane, I could go with this.--> Yes, Loki and Darcy!

Steve constantly forgets to put on his seat belt when hes in a car. He understands why their necessary and that they save lives, it’s just one of those modern things he never remembers. It’s one of the reasons he prefers to drive a motorcycle, that and he’d rather not get another ticket again. Though that cops reaction to pulling over Captain America for a safety violation was pretty amusing.

Bland Marvel Headcanons - Darcy, separately, always claps when Steve asks "for a hand." The day Bucky and Darcy meet, Steve hides.

The funny ones end up being played during home movie night, and whenever one of the team is feeling down, Tony will send them one of them doing something heroic, just to prove that they do make a positive difference

Bland Marvel Headcanon - the one where Loki befriends the author of the older Edda, who takes his silly, joking tall tales of home as truth and writes them down for posterity (Thor having to dress up as Freya, Loki having a baby with/as a horse, etc)

I want to Darcy so bad. My mother agrees that her and I are practically the same person anyway and if my mother actually agrees with me then we know the accuracy of my claim.

Bland Marvel Headcanons — Clint acts as a kind of rock anyone can turn to. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sal

Headcanon: Gambit sometimes wear colored contacts while out with Rogue so they don't have to deal with judgmental stares. The things are terribly uncomfortable, but he knows she loves the reprieve from explaining they're mutations

I can exempt this

“ Peter comes by the Avengers Tower every once in a while to use the tools in Tony’s lab. If he doesn’t clean up after himself, Tony threatens him with a flyswatter.

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"Brainwashed by the evil guys to be evil" club<<Natasha could join, sorta. I mean, the Red room raised her and isn't that a type of brainwashing thing?