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Espresso Fizz | 1 shot medium-light espresso, 3 ½ oz Fever-Tree tonic water, chilled, dash of orange bitters, 1 piece orange peel, pith removed. Add chilled tonic water, a dash of orange bitters and an orange twist to a 5-oz lowball glass. Prepare a shot of espresso. Gently pour the espresso over the back of a bar spoon into the lowball glass so that the coffee floats on top of the tonic water. Serve immediately.

Espresso Fizz

The Espresso Fizz has the air of a classic cocktail — it’s like an amaro and soda, only you can drink it before noon without apology.

How to Make Iced Coffee (very easy recipe)

How to Make Iced Coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee. I discovered this a few month ago when I wanted coffee and the day was too hot. Add cream, if you want!

Calories In Alcohol - I prefer to save my calories for chocolate.

Get drunk not fat! Amazing list of calories/alcohol content of TONS of drinks! Starts with lowest calorie/alcohol ratio. FYI: Jose has 27 fewer calories than Patron!

Coconut Orange Daiquiri- made with 3 ingredients! OJ, rum, cream of coconut

Coconut Orange Daiquiri

Coconut Orange Daiquiri - light corn syrup + cup shredded coconut + ice + orange juice + cream of coconut + light rum + Maraschino cherry

Fizzy Mezcal Margarita

Fizzy Mezcal Margarita