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im slowly giving up jen.

Sad Love Quotes For One Sided Love - Some say it's painful to wait for someone. Some say it's painful to forget someone. But the worst pain comes when you don't know whether to wait or forget. Ain't that the fucking truth.

USED Absolutely! I knew from the moment I met my husband that we were meant to be together! I knew we were going to get married. It was gods way of saying he is mine and I am his!

No matter how hard you are trying to push me away, I'm always here, it must be Love. You are the one who said we are soul mates.

No matter how hard you are trying to push me away, I'm always here, it must be Love. We are soul mates manvi.

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They may walk out of your life but if they are meant to be there they always come back. You know when you have someone good in hour life. She will always come back no matter how bad it gets. Not because of ignorance but because you were meant to be togeth

22 Inspirational Quotes to Enjoy Do you deserve the negativity? Aren’t you worthy of something beautiful?  You’ll also make yourself feel good in the process. Shoot higher than you’ve ever shot before. It’s simple, but sometimes we could do well to repeat this. They’re not your voice or in control of your life — you …

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:) never ever let me go again my sweetheart

But sometimes we know all along how important they are but still make the mistake and fall apart. Sometimes you fall apart and never get to see what could have if only things could have a real chance. Miss my best friend so much

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But I don't want to loose you because whenever I think about not having you in my life my teeth start to hurt. My heart starts to beat weird and it's hard to breath. Your my but I know it's not the same the other way around

Get busy being happy together, cuz we only get one shot at life. Why not spend it with your one true love???

an when i love you, i realized, i have never truly loved anyone. i realized i never will truly love anyone the way i love you