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Carbon Emissions or; how long can you tread water?

Climate scientists released the final version of their study, which sparked controversy in the scientific community last year. According to them, unless the current pace of fossil fuel use changes, the world is bound to experience an abrupt climate shift.

I love baby corn...That's regular corn! -Drought. By Walt Handelsman #GoComics #PoliticalCartooon #Drought #ClimateChange

I love baby corn.That's regular corn! By Walt Handelsman

Rainforest Alliance (@RnfrstAll_UK) | Twitter

Forestry Research Institute nursery: removing roots of Poplar deltoides.The object of the project is to reduce poverty through enhancement of the contribution of forestry to rural development in Dehradun Area, India.

Rainforest Alliance (@RnfrstAll_UK) | Twitter

Rainforest Alliance (@RnfrstAll_UK) | Twitter

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leonardodicaprio: " "People who cannot sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people." - Bryce Nelson of our friend from a trip to

Ocean Conservancy (@OurOcean) | Twitter

Ocean Conservancy (@OurOcean) | Twitter

World Oceans Day -Inspiration & Photographs http://beachblissliving.com/world-oceans-day/

World Oceans Day -Inspiration & Photographs

the ocean takes care of us, let's return the favor, love the sea and all that we do there, we really need to take a stand to protect nature