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Skrulls Members - Comic Vine

"They called themselves Skrulls! But, by any name, they were a band of the most dangerous menaces Earth had ever faced! They are able to change their appearances at will!

Headcanon accepted.

The Avengers are table top role playing Guardians of the Galaxy, with Bucky as DM. Amazing headcanon got even better!

The Avengers

The Avengers in RPG

The Vision #Avengers

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' reimagined as an epic dark fantasy >> The Vision, Knowledge incarnate by Daniel Kamarudin

Arrowette II (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

"Arrowette II" sponsored by for Roysovitch's project. Character belongs to DC Comics.FB page for Arrowette II commission

Marvel Vs. DC Costume Clash Infographic — GeekTyrant

Marvel Vs. DC Costume Clash Infographic

Visual shopping tool PicClick compares the 50 most popular superheroes and asks fans, "who has the better costumes: Marvel or DC Comics?

Iron Man #Avengers

Iron Man ----- Malaysian illustrator Daniel Kamarudin has a knack for creating dark rendition of popular characters.

Uatu the Watcher - Marvel Comics

Our notes about Marvel Comics' best known Watcher character, Uatu. These are primarily concerned with establishing DC Heroes RPG game stats for him.

Galactus - Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four character

A summary about classic Galactus, though the main goal was to hash out DC Heroes RPG game stats for the Big G.