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diy water filter

How to make a basic clean earth filter (filtering water with gravel and dirt) - Wilderness Arena Survival

Home made smoker - Dave would love this, he always talks about buying a smoker

Alton Brown’s Flower Pot Smoker via A Food Journey To Go Click the link above to read more about it, including tips and how to assemble it.

Animal Tracks ABC Flash cards.  via Etsy.

Animal Tracks ABC Flash cards/ Many animals live around our school. Perhaps we could identify their tracks. I have seen skunk, opossum, raccoon, deer, rabbit and armadillo.

Building a Diy solar water heater is easier and cheaper than you might think and can save you a fortune off your power bills

How to Make a Passive Solar Water Heater. These instructions to an inexpensive water heater can heat water up to 150 degrees F.

DIY water still creation. How to make a water still outdoors in a survival situation.

High Capacity Solar Still Any combination of dirty water, urine, fresh cut plants, moist soil or other wet media can be placed in the solar still to extract the fresh water.

Self-Sufficiency on a Shoestring: Recipes for a new, fun and free lifestyle « LibraryUserGroup.com – The Library of Library User Group

Self-Sufficiency on a Shoestring: Recipes for a new, fun and free lifestyle

Set up a rain barrel to harvest water for your survival: http://www.happypreppers.com/water.html

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Cattail survival uses


Surprisingly enough, cattails can be a great survival resource. Learn how to use cattails for survival with this article and infographic.

ow to make a hilbilly water filter: http://knowledgeweighsnothing.com/make-a-hillbilly-water-filter-survival-water-filter/

Homemade Water Filter: Make A DIY Water Filter

Water Filter Made From a Plastic Water Bottle, Charcoal, Sand and Rocks

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