i want a fig tree

Love the look of black and white pots, though those fig trees, if left in these pots will break the pots eventually as roots grow to be very large.

wow!!! i would like one of my room's corner like this one!

coffee shop inspiration for green

artwood #garden

Wicker baskets hold topiaries – I love the elegant look of an all green and white garden. @ its-a-green-life

アメリカ西海岸風のスタイリッシュなガーデンイメージ♡ | PLAYFULBOX.net

I want potted plants like this all around my back patio EMM Tropical plants make a great back drop to succulents that include Agave attenuata, various jades, a large pot full of aeonium and echeveria rosettes, and purple-green Senecio jacobsenii.

types of indoor palm tree plants #types #of #indoor #palm #tree #plants

I love this tree in the living room! And the small cottage appeal of this living room in general. Anyone know what type of tree that is?

Ein kleiner Feigenbaum in der Mitte der Gartenterrasse

Ein kleiner Feigenbaum in der Mitte der Gartenterrasse

garden inspiration and fig trees i det trädgård via Sköna Hem, Sverige <3 #sweden


Oh, what I wouldn't give for access to a green house or small conservatory! I'm knee deep in winter sprouting experiments. My little green b.

【リビング・ダイニングの隣の中庭リゾート】一人掛けソファの置かれたテラスの屋外リビング | 住宅デザイン                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る


Susan Horacek’s eclectic Fitzroy home. Photo – Annette O’Brien. Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Stylizimo / Saying hello to Autumn  // #Architecture, #Design, #HomeDecor…

Saying hello to Autumn

Decorating the stairs for Fall (Pour Rain)

WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.

Turn old newspaper into seedling pots. They can be planted directly into the ground as the paper will eventually biodegrade. You can form them by wrapping the paper around a jam jar or similar, or there are 'devices' that can be bought to make the pots.

Noir & Black Cahier de styles - Compilation thématiques d'images et d'idées. Couleur : Noir - Black Color © Atelier de Paysage - JesuisauJardin.fr - Paris

pots are the same size, plants vary in height/shape, concrete pots - Japanese Maple

aestatestudio:Daily inspiration. Learn more about the project www.aestate.be

go green with house plants. Potted plants near a window including a fiddle leaf fig, ficus lyrata.

植物の鉢植えがたくさん入荷しました。 price:¥2,100~


Antiques in the Garden

Im Trend: Pflanztöpfe aus Beton – http://Pflanzenfreude.de

Modern concrete pots housing a cactus, a fiddle leaf fig tree, & a rubber plant.

ÆVA & Brainy Days: maak je tuin of balkon lenteklaar - Roomed | roomed.nl

ÆVA & Brainy Days: maak je tuin of balkon lenteklaar

grey planters and plants:


Des pots pour décorer le jardin / Garden decoration - Gardening For Life