Wawel Cathedral Krakow We were in Poland in 2011

Wawel Cathedral Krakow-Polish monarchs were crowned here. Center for the mausoleum of St. Stanislav Cathedral is considered to be the patron of Poland.

Krakow, Poland, St. Mary's Basilica by Kentarojapan

The City of Krakow is not really known in Asia. I stopped there on my way to Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Krakow | Cities in World: Krakow (Poland)

KRAKOW, Inside Out Words by Elizabeth Day, executive summary by darmansjah From snowy walks through a fairytale to warming hot c.


Pigeons circling over the square, Krakow, Poland. Maybe they know something more- after all, they are above us(pun intended).

Saint Kinga [HDR] by Pablo Municio, via Flickr

Salt mines --- Poland Everything here is made of salt rock, the entire chapel is below the the earth surface, in a salt mine near Krakow.

Kielce Palace, Poland. by rosella

Kielce palace, Poland--- this explains my fascination with things haunted vampires.

Cracovie, la belle Polonaise

Cracovie, la belle Polonaise

The Best Things To Do In Krakow Wavel Castle and Cathedral

Krakow, Poland. The entry to Wawel castle's cathedral

Krakow, the castle and amazing Cathedral, F.Chopin is burried here.